The Good Garden Co. create unique design outcomes that are thoughtful, innovative, engaging and practical.

A well designed garden is considerate of the broader context, whilst also having its own unique appeal – it’s importance as a maker of place and one of the ways we define our own habitat.


Based on the Mornington Peninsula, we're all about the people, the plants and the place.


Specialising in


We create detailed landscape design concepts to meet expectations and deliver outcomes that are both responsive to site and appropriate to place. 



With plants as a big passion, our planting design outcomes focus on making champion the unique qualities and characteristics that plants offer, selected to thrive in the conditions they inhabit.



We’re always happy to get in and reinvigorate a garden that has out grown itself or the current decade with idea swapping at consultation phase and / or good old fashioned garden toil.


We love to push the concept of edible gardening. Not only a great tool to create, educate, and enjoy – but to also harness the aesthetic qualities.   



We seek to use indigenous plant material in all of our design outcomes so whether it be to your desired taste or to meet local planning requirements, we see local character something to uphold.



Every garden needs love so if you don’t have the time or the know how required to keep your's looking good, then let us! We’re always happy to reinvigorate a garden!