Hi, I’m Dave, a qualified
Horticulturalist & Landscape Architect.

B.Sc (Hort) University of Melbourne
2007 – 2009

MLArch University of Melbourne
2011 – 2013

Since I was a child I’ve had an inherent interest in the garden and the way in which it provokes the senses. It forms some of our first connections to nature and provides us with memories of people, past and present.


A garden can reflect its broader surroundings, whilst also portraying its own unique appeal – important as a maker of place and one of the ways in which we create our own habitat.

With over a decades worth of experience working in the realm of landscape management and garden maintenance, I’ve forged a strong sense of how a successful garden works, not only in terms of its form and function, but also its legacy. Working with plants has given me perspective on the structural and symbolic characteristics that plants have, and also the ephemeral and temporal qualities that plants bring to a garden. This can make for a more dynamic experience, and influence the way in which the garden reacts to the built form it surrounds.


Through my unwavering interest in plants and garden making I created The Good Garden Co., a business based on the Mornington Peninsula that specialises in conceptualising gardens as a starting point in garden making and caring for them as they evolve and change over time.

Landscape speaks so much for local character, like a garden does of its owner, it's these ideas of locality and character that The Good Garden Co. embodies when undertaking any work and it's the pursuit of such philosophies through which i've found much pleasure, whether seeking to create a legacy or just being out in the garden.